Cure and Simple

Handmade bacon to your door

We love our bacon traditionally cured and flavoured with our bespoke recipes. Our all natural cures are blended by hand and rubbed generously into our delicious pork. We then leave the mix to do its work for at least a week before air drying; the results are an unmistakable intense flavour

So much effort goes into rearing our pigs why wouldn't we choose the best ingredients for our flavourings? We search high and low for herbs and spices that ideally complement our recipes and makes our bacon so very tasty.

Our simplest flavour. This is a straightforward uncomplicated bacon with a little bit of sugar as the only addition. A great bacon for all the family.


With a strong South East Asian influence, our Thai recipe utilises many fresh herbs and spices. An intense bacon for all those who relish the subtle Thai influences including lime and lemon grass.


You are probably familiar with Pancetta the traditional Italian bacon made from belly pork, well now you can get the same great taste from our succulent back bacon.


Sweet tasting bacon is perhaps better known on the other side of the Atlantic but we've given it a unique British twist by using Golden Syrup in our Bourbon flavoured cure.


Old English
Butchers and curers once used ginger and caraway seeds to create a cure but we choose to use an even earlier recipe which includes galangal and caraway for our Old English Cure.


Undecided on the bacon for you. Select this option and we will alternate flavours to your door depending on your chosen frequency. The best of both worlds.

With all that effort that goes into producing outstanding bacon, it would be churlish for us to waste this on inferior pork.

We wanted superior welfare friendly, outdoor reared, happy, healthy pigs that would complement our cures and flavours. After much searching we came across, and quickly realised that we should visit the farm and see if the website matched reality.

Superbly flavoured, welfare friendly Suffolk pork

We were not disappointed after a trip into the Suffolk countryside we were treated to a guided tour of the farm with Mark Hayward one of two brothers w ho run Dingley Dell. All the pigs at the farm are born, reared and grown outside and gives the Dingley Dell pork a beautiful flavour. Dingley Dell has built an enviable reputation for quality supplying pork from their farm to some of the most famous hotels and restaurants in the UK, and have even caught the eye of Delia Smith.

All of the ingredients in our cures are of the highest quality, we search high and low for herbs and spices that complement our recipes and makes our bacon so very tasty.

Remember the spices are used to enhance the natural flavour of bacon, they are not used to disguise or obscure the flavour.

Finest Ingredients

We use the finest fresh herbs when required, from our own Cure and Simple garden. We believe that this approach to sourcing the best possible ingredients enables our bacon to stand out from the crowd.

We make all of our bacon on site at the Cure and Simple HQ, a former tractor shed that has been converted into a state of the art production facility.

All pork is delivered to the unit where we mix it with our cures by hand and let the pork sit in the cure for up to 12 days. This process extracts moisture from the pork, by doing this it prevents any nasties growing on the meat, and thus preserving it. After this it is then air dried for a further week for the flavours to develop more as well as reducing the moisture content further.

The Bacon Factory

Finally the cured loins are sliced up, packaged and delivered to your door. Simple