Cure & Simple - Our Story

Our Story

What makes our
food special
We believe in using welfare friendly
produce and traditional methods
to create superior tasting food

How it all began

It all started with a man called Charlie Pyper and his
dream to make bacon better. Combined with a passion
to support local farmers and promote animal welfare,
Cure & Simple has been making superior tasting
products for over 10 years.

The produce

We use superior welfare friendly, free range, happy, healthy animals. We source all of our produce from farmers based in East Anglia and South East England.


All of the ingredients we use are of the highest quality, we search high and low for herbs and spices that complement our recipes to make our products so very tasty.

Our methods

The produce is delivered to us at Cure & Simple HQ, a state of the art production facility where we use traditional processes to create all of our products.

Our people

It’s a family

We are a small family owned firm. We believe in our people and whether they have been with us since day one, or have moved on to better things we are still one family.


Mon - Fri, 9:00am to 5:00pm